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Covid-19 Update

Hyderabad Metro Rail is committed towards your safety and well-being. We follow all Covid related safety guidelines issued by the central and state governments. In wake of the recent surge in Covid cases, we solicit your cooperation in adherence to the safety guidelines, viz. maintenance of social distance, putting on face mask, thermal screening and hand sanitization, to make metro ride a safe travel option for everyone.

We prominently display Covid related safety guidelines across the metro premises. All your metro trains get sanitized before the start of every ride at the stations. Our staff sanitize every passenger touch points at regular intervals for your safety. Apart from the regular Covid related safety announcements, each metro train carries stickers on alternate seats and on the floor for passengers to follow social distancing. We are doing our bit and expect your cooperation in keeping your metro journey a safe travel option. Please follow the safety guidelines.

Govt. Order of Telangana State

With reference to the public advisory issued by the Govt. of Telangana State making the ‘wearing of face mask’ mandatory for everyone at all public places, work spaces and means of transport, Hyderabad Metro Rail also urges passengers to wear a mask while travelling via Metro. Your cooperation can keep you and others safe.

Any violations to the Covid Safety Guidelines shall attract appropriate fines.

Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Always Wear a Face Mask. No Mask- No Entry
  • Using of “Aarogya Setu App” is mandatory for the passengers to enter into the station as per Government Guidelines
  • Downloading of “TSavaari App” is a mandate and record your travel
  • Thermal Screening is mandatory. Kindly cooperate with Station Staff
  • Ensure to carry your National ID card while travelling
  • Ensure Social/ Physical Distancing at stations and inside the train
  • Pay attention for announcements that are being played
  • Alert any Station staff, if you find someone who is showing signs of illness
  • Sanitize your hands once you enter in the station
  • Stand on alternate steps of escalator & staircases in a diagonal manner to maintain Social/ Physical distance
  • Maximum of 03 members only allowed in Lifts
  • Cashless transactions by digital payments (buy Mobile QR Tickets, prior to your journey, using apps viz. Phonepe, MakeMyTrip, Paytm and T-Savaari to save time, stay safe, remain contactless and avoid queues at the counters)
  • Don’t Spit at stations, trains or anywhere at the metro premises
  • Don’t argue with Screening Staff. They are simply doing their job for your safety
  • Don’t breach the marked areas which are identified and marked for Social/ Physical Distancing
  • Don’t eat inside station premises and train
  • Don’t sit on the seats which have “X” / “Please Don’t Sit” stickers at Stations/ Trains
  • Don’t board a train if you find that Social/ Physical Distancing could be a challenge
  • Don’t insist for “TOKEN”. It has been discontinued for your safety
  • Don’t enter in to barricaded areas in Metro Premises
  • Don’t enter any station, if you find it is too crowded
  • Don’t enter “Work in Progress”/ “Disinfection in Progress” areas
  • Don’t travel, if you are having fever or cough with breathing problem
  • Don’t rush into a train if you find crowd at the entry/exit