Fare Information

Passengers can choose a smart card or a token for travelling by Metro trains. We recommend passengers to opt for smart cards for a hassle-free journey.


A Contactless Smart Token (CST) is a media chip integrated inside the token as one of the fare media. You may choose from following types of tickets as per your convenience.


A token can be purchased at our Ticket Office Machine (TOM)/ Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) & and at our ticketing offices.


Passengers can select the destination station, make the purchase and then enter the paid area with the token.


The token will be read at the entry and captured at exit gates. Passengers can board the train only from the station where he / she has purchased the token.

Single Journey Ticket (SJT)

This is a one way ticket from the station where you are located (source station) to your destination. Passengers can enter the paid area with a ticket. The ticket is valid only on the date on which it is issued. Passengers have to board the train within 30 minutes after buying the ticket.

You can contact us at 040-2333-2555 or visit a Customer Care Center at any Metro station for fare information.

Smart Card

Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card is a virtual wallet that facilitates you with seamless travel. A smart card can be purchased from a ticketing office at any of the Metro Station as per your convenience for Rs. 150/-.

Rs. 100/- of Rs. 150/- is towards the cost of the card which is not refundable and balance Rs. 50/- is your travel value.  You can recharge your smart card with minimum amount of Rs. 50/- and maximum amount of Rs. 3000/-(in multiples of Rs.50).

All Hyderabad Metro offers will be applicable on smart card. Please note that in case your smart card is lost, stolen or damaged, you have to buy a new smart card and the balance amount will not be refunded or transferred.

How to recharge Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card

You can recharge the smart card through TSavaari App, HMR Passenger website (www.ltmetro.com),or Paytm App

  • Enter the 14 digit smart card number mentioned at the back of your smart card on TSavaari App, LTMRHL Website, or Paytm App.
  • Choose the recharge amount from the drop-down list, click on ‘I agree’ check-box and tap on ‘Recharge’ button to proceed.
  • You will be directed to payment gateway where you can pay through Paytm wallet, debit/credit card or net banking.
  • After successful completion of payment, you will receive a confirmation message to your registered mobile number/e-mail.
  • To check/view your balance you need to visit your nearby Metro station after 2 hours and check the details at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) by selecting prepaid top-up option. You have to tap the smart card at automated gates at the Metro station to complete the recharge process.

Classic Card