Fare Information

Passengers can choose a smart card or a token for travelling by Metro trains. We recommend passengers to opt for smart cards for a hassle-free journey.


A Contactless Smart Token (CST) is a media chip integrated inside the token as one of the fare media. You may choose from following types of tickets as per your convenience.


You may utilize the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) to top up the online recharge .Please contact the station staff or call us at 040 – 2333 2555 for more information.


Passengers can select the destination station, make the purchase and then enter the paid area with the token.


The token, smart card or QR will be read at the entry gate and captured at the exit gates. Passengers can board the train only from the station where he /she has bought.

Single Journey Ticket (SJT)

This is a one way ticket from the station where you are located (source station) to your destination. Passengers can enter the paid area with a ticket. The ticket is valid only on the date on which it is issued. Passengers have to board the train within 30 minutes after buying the ticket.

You can contact us at 040-2333-2555 or visit a Customer Care Center at any Metro station for fare information.

Smart Card

The Smart Card is a virtual Wallet that facilitates you with seamless travel. A smart card can be purchased from any of the metro stations for Rs.100/- and recharged with the multiples of Rs.50/-. If you wish to recharge it online, you may recharge your smart card in multiples of Rs.100/-. All Hyderabad Metro offers will be applicable on smart cart. Please note that in case your smart card is lost or damaged you have to buy a new card and the balance in the old card will be transferred to the new card. (Does not apply for offer cards).

How to recharge Hyderabad Metro Rail smart card

  • For more details about the online recharge process, please contact station staff or call us at 040 -2333 2555.
  • It is recommended to tap your smart card at the entry gates / TVM / AVM between 20 minutes to 2 hours from the time of online recharge. Please call 040 -2333 2555 in case of any assistance.
  • Online recharge amount gets added on the card before you start your journey and not when you exit the system.
  • You are required to Tap at the entry gates or TVMs on any of the stations within 15 days from the date of recharge, failing which it moves to refund cycle.
  • It is recommended to recharge a day before the balance reaches the minimum to avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Classic Card