Q1 Why do we need a metro in Hyderabad?

With almost 8 million inhabitants in Hyderabad, traffic mobility is one of the most important issues. Hyderabad Metro Rail will to reduce traffic jams and pollution to a great extent and facilitate comfortable travel across Hyderabad.

Q2 What makes the Hyderabad metro unique in India?

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is the largest public private partnership (PPP) project in the world in the Metro rail category. It is an amalgamation of world class design and cutting edge technology that will establish new benchmarks in the country.

Q3 How will Hyderabad Metro improve my travelling experience?

Hyderabad Metro will provide end to end connectivity to passengers. The Metro Rail corridor will run from:

– Red Line : Miyapur to LB Nagar

– Green Line : JBS Parade Ground to MGBS

– Blue Line : Nagole to Raidurg

Q4 Who operates the Hyderabad Metro?

Keolis Hyderabad Mass Rapid Transit System a special purpose company formed by KEOLIS was chosen by L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd. to manage the Operations and Maintenance of the Hyderabad Metro Rail. Keolis is a French company currently present in 15 countries. It offers a full range of transport solutions to meet the needs of local authorities and passengers.

Q5 Are feeder buses available?

Shuttle services are available at most of our stations. Kindly contact our helpline number 040-2333 2555 for more information

Q6 What are the facilities provided at the metro stations?

Washrooms – Passengers may Pay and use the washrooms which are available in every station. Please contact station staff in case you are on the other side of the washroom.

First aid box will be available at every station in case of any medical emergency. Contact station staff for assistance. Wheel chair facility available for those who may need.

Each station has staircases, elevators and escalators for the convenience of passengers. Refer to TSavaari App for exact location of elevators and escalators

Q7 Can passengers bring eatables inside the Metro station/ trains?

We recommend passengers to avoid littering at stations and trains and help us in maintaining the network clean for you.

Q8 Will I have a comfortable ride on a Metro train?

All Metro coaches are equipped with efficient air-conditioning and ventilators. The trains have been cleaned regularly and each train has a seating capacity of 126 passengers accommodating approximately 1000 passengers at full capacity (both sitting and standing). Please offer your seats to pregnant women, children, differently-abled passengers and senior citizens as a good gesture. Travelling in Metro trains also saves you from extreme weather conditions.

Q9 Is Metro travel ticket more expensive?

The price of a Metro train ticket depends on the travel distance. Our fare chart is competitive and we are keen to provide you a safe and comfortable journey.

Q10 Are there any special prices for children, students or senior citizens?

There are no special discounts for children, students and senior citizens at present. All offers and discounts will be communicated through our website (https://www.ltmetro.com)and social media channels.

Q11 What is a token?

A token is a coin that is used as a ticket to travel from one station to another. You can enter the paid area of the station by tapping it at the entry gates. The token needs to be dropped at the AFC terminals of the destination station to make an exit.

Q12 What is the validity of my token?

Your token is valid only for the day on which it is issued. You have to enter the paid area within 30 minutes after the purchase and you must leave the system within 2 hours. This is to ensure that no passenger overstays at the station resulting in overcrowding.

Q13 How do you buy a token?

You can buy your token at the ticketing office present at our stations only.

Q14 What is Nebula smart card?

It is an electronic card that can be used as a virtual wallet to pay for your trip. It can be charged with a minimum amount of INR 50 and up to a maximum amount of INR 3000. Use a smart card for quick and comfortable access to the Paid area at the station.

Q15 How do I buy a smartcard?

The smart card can be obtained from the customer care center or ticketing office at the station for Rs. 100/-.Kindly contact our helpline number 040-2333 2555 for more information.

Q16 How can I recharge my smartcard?

You can recharge your smart card at the ticketing office of our stations or recharge online through Paytm, T Savaari App and Phone Pe App.

Q17 What are the other fare media options available for traveling in Hyderabad metro?

You may also travel through QR which can be bought either at station or online. For any assistance please contact our station staff or call us at 040-2333 2555.

Q18 What is the minimum and maximum amount for recharging a smart card?

The minimum recharge amount is INR 50 and the maximum recharge amount is INR 3000.

Q19 What should i do if my amount is charged and QR does not get generated?

If the money is deducted and QR not generated, Please contact the station staff or call us at 040-2333 2555.

Q20 What is validity of my QR?

QR is valid for the same business day which you have booked on and cannot be used on next day.

Q21 What is the minimum balance required to travel on Metro trains using a smart card?

Your Nebula smart card balance should have the minimum balance of Rs.25/- to make an entry into the metro system

Q22 Are daily, weekly and monthly passes available?

Daily, weekly and monthly passes are not available at present. Any such offers will be updated on our website and social media.

Q23 Is my token/smartcard compatible with other transport modes like bus, railway or MMTS?

The token/smart card is currently not compatible with other transport modes like bus, railway or MMTS.

Q24 How many people can travel with a single smart card?

We follow a one person – one smart card policy in Hyderabad Metro. You cannot share your Nebula smart card with your family and friends when you are travelling together.

Q25 What is the cost of a smartcard?

The cost of smart is Rs 100 . We can recharge the card in multiples of Rs 50.

Q26 Are there different kinds of smart cards?

We have four types of Metro card available in metro stations like Nebula, Green Miles, Super Saver Holiday Card, Student Pass.

Q27 What is the utility of a smart card?

A smart card is a virtual wallet that can be used to pay for your Metro rail travel. You can recharge your smart card at any Metro station or online. Hyderabad Metro offers you a 10% discount on journey made during off peak hours if you choose to travel using a smart card. For more information please visit our ticketing page and look into Super Saver Off Peak Offer.

Q28 What happens if I lose or Damage my smart card ?

In case you lose or damage the smart card , you would have to purchase a new smart card for Rs 100. The balance on the old card would be transferred to the new card on producing a valid Govt ID proof at the station. The differential amount will be adjusted to the nearest multiple of 50 which would also have to be borne by the customer. You can contact the Customer care center or call 04023332555 for further information

Q29 What should I do if my smartcard does not work anymore?

If your smart card is damaged, Please bring it back to the Customer Care Centre at any of our stations. Our station staff will help you get the card replaced. You may call us at 040 2333 2555 for more information.

Q30 How can I check the validity of my smart card?

You can check the validity of your smart card either at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) present at stations or in our official app TSavaari. You can contact our Customer Service at or call us at 040 2333 2555 for more information.

Q31 How can I be sure that the top up amount was added to the balance on my smartcard?

You can check your smartcard value either on Ticket Vending Machine, Automatic Vending Machine or TR (ticket reader) at our stations.

Q32 How much luggage can I carry in the Metro train?

Currently there is no bar on the luggage to be carried on a metro train.

Q33 Can I return an unused token and get my refund?

You can claim a refund for an unused token on the day of purchase only. However, you cannot claim any refund once you have entered the Paid area.

Q34 Can I extend my journey beyond a destination with a smartcard or a token?

If you are travelling with smart card and you are low on balance, you can recharge your smart card at the ticket office. If you are travelling using a token you may contact our customer care centre who will collect the fare for the journey beyond the destination. Kindly contact our helpline number 040-2333 2555 for more information.

Q35 Can I take a token with me as a souvenir?

Passengers are not allowed to take the tokens along with them after their journey. Any unused token should be submitted back to our Customer Care Centre present at our stations.

Q36 Can I board a Metro train from any station other than the station from where I purchased the token?

A token is valid only at the station where it has been purchased.

Q37 What should I do if the token or smartcard is not accepted at the entry or exit gates?

You may approach the customer care office at the stations who would check the token/smart card and assist you accordingly.

Q38 What could damage your smartcard?

Improper or mis handling such as bending, folding, exposure to heat, sun and water can render the smart card unusable.

Q39 What are the criteria for ticket charges of a child?

Children upto 90cm in height can travel for free. Token/Smartcard has to be purchased for children above this 90 cm. One child is allowed with one adult. Please contact the station staff for more information.

Q40 What should I do if I get lose my belongings during a Metro train journey?

You can reach out to the security staff present at the stations for any assistance. You can also contact our Customer Service Center at any station with personal information and a detailed description of the lost item.

Q41 Where can I get information about delay or disruption of Metro train services?

Information pertaining to delays and disruptions will be displayed on digital screens at all Metro train stations. Live audio announcements will notify passengers about delays or disruptions in Metro train services. You can also contact our station staff or call us at 040 2333 2555

Q42 What is the operative timing of Metro trains in Hyderabad?

The metro services begin at 6:30 AM from all terminal stations. The last train from terminal stations departs at 10:15 PM. You can also contact our station staff or call us at 040 2333 2555 for all travel-related queries.

Q43 Where can I get passenger information leaflets or train schedules?

You can find leaflets at all stations: at the ticketing office and at our Customer Care Centre.

Q44 What is the frequency of the trains?

The frequency of trains depends on various operational and safety parameters. You may contact us on our helpline number 040-2333 2555.

Q45 What will be the travel time to my destination?

Please contact our station staff or call us at 040 2333 2555 for all travel-related queries.

Q46 How will I know if I have reached my destination station?

You will hear vocal announcements inside the metro coach at each station. Furthermore, you will see the name of each station on the LCD screens inside the metro train and on the station platforms.

Q47 How long will a Metro train stop on the platform?

Ideally the trains will stop for 20 seconds at each station. The train does not move unless all the doors are closed properly.

Q48 Where do I get information about the next train?

The digital screens on the platform display the real-time information about the trains. We also have vocal announcements at every platform which keeps you informed about the arrival of the next train.

Q49 How do I know which stations are served by the Metro trains?

All platforms and coaches are equipped with line / Network maps on which you can read the name of every station of the line.

Q50 Is there a Customer Care Centre at each station?

Yes, there is a Customer Care at each station. It is located at the Concourse level. You may contact us at 040 2333 2555 for more information.

Q51 How to recognize a metro employee?

Metro employees wear a uniform that has a system network logo on it. They will always be holding a valid company identity card with them.

Q52 How do we exit the station after deboarding the train and reach our required destination ?

Announcements are made inside Trains and Signages about nearby locations and Exit are provided at the Metro Station at concourse level. Passengers may use their discretion and use the best possible route to reach their destination. They may contact the Customer Care Center for any further assistance

Q53 Does Metro trains have reserved seats and dedicated cars for women?

Dedicated ladies coach is available in all the metro trains. Women can occupy the seats available in the coach and also report any men inside the coach on the WhatsApp number- 7032224242. Our staff would immediately be intimated to take action.

Q54 How can I find the nearest Metro station if I plan to travel via Metro trains?

Our website (www.ltmetro.com) and TSavaari App will provide details of the nearest Metro rail station. You may also contact us at 040 2333 2555 for all travel-related queries.

Q55. Name the Metro rail stations that can be conveniently accessed by passengers travelling by MMTS, TSRTC and Indian Railways

Please contact our station staff or call us at 040 2333 2555 for all travel-related queries.

Q56 How do I know that my destination station is approaching?

There are digital screens and announcements in trains which ensures customers are aware of the next approaching station

Q57 Are pets allowed on the train?

No, We do not allow pets to be carried on the train

Q58 Why does the metro not run 24x7?

Our trains requires cleaning and daily maintenance and hence we utilize the time at night to carry out these activities

Q59: What are the penalties for misuse of Passenger Emergency Alarm?

Misusing the Passenger Emergency Alarm can lead to a penalty of Rs 1000 and or imprisonment upto 1 year

Q60 How can I get a wheelchair at a Metro station?

You can contact the Customer Care center at the station to arrange a wheel chair for the concerned person. Alternatively, you may contact our helpline number who would coordinate with the station staff and arrange the wheel chair

Q61 May I carry a baby stroller to the Metro system?

We request you to bring baby strollers during non-peak hours only. Please hold the stroller at all times while at a station or onboard. You may park the stroller near the designated space for a wheel chair to avoid congestion.

Q62 Should I keep some change/loose coins or money with me?

Please carry loose change while travelling via Metro trains, if you choose to travel with a Metro train token. With a smart card you can easily recharge the card online, www.ltmetro.com, Paytm App, T Savaari App or at the Metro stations.

Q63 Are there separate queues for women to pass through the security checks?

Yes, Metro stations will have a separate security checking arrangement for women that are managed by women security personnel.

Q64 Explain the train boarding process at a Metro station

Please stand behind the yellow line at the Metro rail platform until the train doors open for boarding and please form a queue while boarding the train. When the doors open for boarding, let passengers disembark the train first. Check this instructional video for more clarity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVUQi8P399Y

Q65 How to use the escalators?

Please board on the left side of an escalator and hold the handrail firmly. Always ensure the safety of your children while using stairs and escalators.

Q66 Can passengers sit on the floor of a Metro train?

Passengers cannot sit on the floor of the trains. Passnegers are requested to occupy the seats available inside the trains.

Q67 How can I access a Metro station?

Each Metro rail station has elevators, escalators and stairways to provide comfortable access to passengers. For further clarity, please watch this instructional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sViFmdXFLC0

Q68 What facilities do we have at Metro stations for differently-abled and senior citizens?

Following facilities will assist senior citizens and differently-abled passengers to have a convenient and safe journey.
-Seats for differently-abled passengers are available inside all the trains.
– Trained staff will be available at Metro stations for assistance.

– Elevators with specially installed operating panels at a low level to facilitate easy access.

– Dedicated wide entry gates (also called AFC gates) for better experience for passengers using wheel chairs.

-Tactile floor signage and audio announcements at Metro stations and inside Metro train coaches for visually impaired passengers.

– Digital screens for displaying real time information for hearing impaired passengers.

Q69 How can a visually impaired passenger navigate in a Metro station?

A special tactile path on the floor, right from street level till the platform level, will guide visually impaired passengers throughout the station. Audio announcements inside the trains will also guide them about the approaching station.

Q70 Do you have reserved seats for Differently abled and senior citizen ?

We have reserved seats for Persons with disabilities at the front and rear car near the 1st doors alongside space to park wheelchairs

Senior citizen seats are reserved at the middle car properly represented through signage in trains

Pregnant ladies can occupy seats at the dedicated ladies’ section or any seat in the train. We have appropriate signage which requests passengers to offer seats for the elderly and pregnant ladies

Please contact station staff or call 040-23332555 for any assistance

Q70(A) – Do you have separate seats reserved for Ladies

All trains have a total 24 seats and the adjoining section reserved for ladies as per details below:

Red Line – Miyapur to LB Nagar – Rear side of the train
Red Line – LB Nagar to Miyapur – Front side of the train

Green Line – MGBS to JBS Parade Ground – Rear side of the train
Green Line – JBS Parade Ground to MGBS – Front side of the train

Blue Line – Nagole To Raidurg – Front Side of the train
Blue Line – Raidurg to Nagole – Rear Side of the train

Please follow the “Ladies Only” signage at platform and trains or contact station staff for any assistance

Q71 Are audio announcements available on board?

Yes, audio announcements are available in English, Hindi & Telugu languages.

Q72 Am I allowed to bring a hearing dog into the Metro system if I am a visually-impaired passenger?

Yes. However the passenger needs to show an identification card that confirms his visually impaired status.

Q73 Are the automated Metro train doors safe for passengers?

Metro trains are equipped with sensors and cameras to avoid that situation: the train operator is able to see if someone is standing between the train and the platform and can be manually opened or closed in case of any emergency. Moreover, red flashing door closing light and announcements warns you know about the closing doors. As soon as you board a train please take a seat if available and stay out of the way of the doors to avoid any delay.

Q74 What to do if a Metro train stops between two stations?

The unexpected stop would be a safety and security process. Please do not panic and remain calm and follow the instructions of the metro staff in case of emergencies.

Q75 Where should I stand on the platform?

For your security, please wait behind the yellow line along the platform. You should only cross the yellow line once doors are open for boarding. While waiting for a train you are requested to form a queue on the sides as indicated and let the passengers alight first.

Q76 What happens if I fall down on the track?

There are emergency buttons on the platform which can be activated by passengers themselves. Train operators can stop the train immediately and rescue the passenger as soon as possible. Misuse of this is an offense and attracts penalty.

Q77 Are Metro stations manned by security guards?

Yes, all the stations are manned by trained security staff and work in coordination with the local police authorities.

Q78 Do Metro stations have an emergency contact number?

You may contact our customer care centre at the station in case of any assisstance.

Q79 What should I do if I detect an unattended item?

Do not touch or open any unattended item /luggage. Please report directly to our station staff or our Customer Care Centre on our stations. You can also contact our Train Operators while on board through the call button.

Q80 Can I take a weapon on the metro?

Carrying arms and ammunition or any sharp objects like knife is strictly prohibited on metro premises. Any deviation is subject to penalties.

Q81 Can I access internet or a mobile network inside the stations and on board?

Our stations and train coaches are equipped with WI-FI.You may also access the mobile network everywhere at stations and inside the trains. There are mobile charging points available inside the coaches for your convenience.

Q82 Are all Metro stations air-conditioned?

Our stations are well ventilated and do not have AC however all our cars have an efficient air conditioning system.

Q83 Can I carry a bicycle into the Metro system?

Passengers are requested to carry only foldable bicycles in our metro system during Non-peak hours . The bicycles should be able to pass through our X Ray machines for the cycle to be let into our Metro system . The stations security team hold the right to not admit the cycle in case of crowding in stations or trains.

Q84 Where should I go if I want to complain about something or if I would like to leave a feedback?

We encourage our passengers to share their experiences with us. Share your feedback through our website (https://www.ltmetro.com), write to us at customerservice@ltmetro.com or call us at 040 2333 2555 between 6 AM to 10 PM.

Q85 How will Metro staff regulate crowd during peak hours?

Our trained station staff manages the flow in such a way that there would never be such a situation. In case a platform is likely to get overcrowded, the flow of passengers is regulated at the concourse level.

Q86 I have a change of travel plans after buying a token and I want to exit the station. What do I do?

In case you decide not to travel and exit the same station you have entered before, the base charges would be deducted from your smart card if travelling with a card. If travelling with a token, there will not be any refund of the amount.

Q87 How well have the people been trained to manage various functions?

Our metro staff are well trained to make your travel safe and comfortable. We undertake trainings for the employees enabling them to assist you effectively and efficiently. We also conduct audits regularly, as to assess the areas of improvement.

Q88 How do I find out current availability of service or planned non-availability of service?

You can contact Customer Service at 040 2333 2555. Information pertaining to the metro services will also be updated on our social media platforms.

Q89 Will there be a ticket checker on board in the Metro train?

There will not be any ticket checker on board of the trains. The fare is checked automatically at the Automatic Fare Collection gates of the stations before entering the paid area but there will also be some revenue protection patrols inside the trains from time to time.

Q90 How will electricity failure affect Metro train operation?

If there is an electricity failure, please remain calm and wait for instructions of our metro staff. Listen carefully to the vocal announcements and follow the instructions.

Q91 Will Metro services get affected by adverse weather conditions?

Do not panic in such cases our staff are well trained to handle emergencies. Please listen carefully to Vocal announcements and follow the instructions.

Q92 Is photography allowed in Metro stations or onboard of the trains?

Photography and videography is strictly prohibited inside the metro stations and on board of the metro coaches.

Q93 Are hawkers allowed onboard of the trains?

Hawkers are not allowed inside the metro trains or the stations. We have a retail area available on all stations serving food items etc.

Q94 Where are trains parked and where do they get maintained?

We have two depots specifically designed for parking and maintenance of metro trains. These are located at Uppal and Miyapur.

Q95 Is there a first class compartment available in Metro trains?

Hyderabad metro does not differentiate its passengers in terms of class of travel. All coaches are equally furbished.

Q96 Can I carry a licensed gun in the Metro train?

Arms and ammunitions are not allowed inside the station or while on board. However you can carry the gun with you only if you have the license, which needs to be presented at the security checks at station entry. We recommend our passengers to avoid carrying them in metro premises.


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