Loyalty Program

Travel More & Grab exciting gifts

Metro Loyalty Program Travel More & Grab exciting gifts

Terms & Conditions:

1. Hyderabad Metro Rail has come up with new rewarding program – “Metro Loyalty Program” to appreciate and motivate frequent commuters of Metro Rail.

2. Metro Loyalty Program encourages the passengers to travel more and grab exciting gifts.

3. Eligibility: Passengers travelling with any type of Smart Card ie., Nebula smart card, Student pass, Holiday card.

4. Validity: Eligibility criteria for availing gift is the total no. of trips completed in the previous calendar month.

Eg: A passenger visiting the stall in April (any date) can claim gift based on the number of trips completed from 1st March – 31 March. Trips completed before March shall not be considered for the loyalty reward.

Note: a. Trips travelled in the month March will get expired later to 30th Apr, hence the trips travelled in a month will be valid for the period of next calendar month only.
b. Trips against which the gifts were claimed will get nullified.
c. Trips travelled in different months will not be accumulated to claim the gift.

5. Gifts can be claimed on any of the business working days from Monday to Friday between 4 pm to 8 pm at Ameerpet station from Metro Merchandise stall.

6. The eligible customers can select their preferred gifts according to the slab mentioned below and kindly note that the gifts distribution would be subject to the availability of stock.

S No No. of Trips Travelled Eligible Gifts
1 40-50 Key chain/Caps/Branded Notepad
2 50-60 Mugs/Mobile Stand
3 61-70 T-Shirt
4 71 & Above Model Train Set

7. For any queries, you can contact us on our customer care no. 040-2333 2555 or email to customerservice@ltmetro.com and for more details or updated latest information visit our website www.ltmetro.com.