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Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is a ‘green’ transportation system which will reduce carbon footprint through efficient power consumption, rainwater harvesting and other processes. Every time you ride with us, you contribute to the development of an eco-friendly environment.

Some of the positive aspects of the ‘green’ Metro project are listed below:

  • Rain water harvesting in our premises for charging ground water. One hundred thousand litres of water per day is recycled by us.
  • It is estimated that ten thousand tons of CO2 will be eliminated from the environment as people adopt Metro rail as their preferred mode of transportation. This is also expected to reduce two hundred tons of volatile organic compounds from the environment, including twelve tons of particulate matter.
  • Innovative rolling stock used in HMR Project is expected to reduce five thousand tons of CO2 equivalent from the surrounding. Five million dollars of additional environmental damage costs due to emissions of harmful gases is estimated to be eliminated.
  • Solar energy project will further make Metro rail an eco-friendly mode of transport.
  • More than thousand trees, in and around Metro rail depots, will add to the natural ambience and also improve the landscape. An estimated one ton of waste paper per year is recycled and reused by us, which saves approximately twenty three trees in a year.
  • Eco-friendly chemicals are used in house-keeping and maintaining artworks at Metro stations to ensure minimum energy consumption.

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