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All Hyderabad Metro trains have three coaches.

Facilities inside a Metro train


Please take a seat after you board the train. If you do not find a vacant seat, look for a hand rail and hold on to it firmly during your travel. All Metro trains are designed to be easily accessible by differently-abled and elderly passengers. Designated spaces are available for wheelchair users, senior citizens and pregnant ladies in the train.

Train Doors

‘Doors closing’ message will be displayed in a panel above the train doors and audio announcements will inform the passengers about the doors being closed before the train leaves the station. Train operator will close the doors only after you have boarded the train.

Calling Train Operator

All Metro trains have call points available inside the train from where you can speak to the train operator in case of an emergency.

Charging Points

There are mobile and laptop charging points available for passenger’s convenience.

Passenger Information Display & Announcements

Metro trains have digital screens guiding passengers about the journey and the next station. Audio announcements, in English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi, will help visually impaired passengers with the details of the approaching stations and other update.


Metro train coaches are air-conditioned to ensure that passengers have a comfortable journey. Plush interiors, ergonomically designed seating and efficient lighting lend an aesthetic look to the coaches.


CCTVs are installed at all Metro trains for close monitoring purpose. Fire extinguishers and first aid box with signage boards are conveniently placed in case of emergencies There are two emergency doors available, one each in the train operator’s cabin, in case of emergency evacuation. Eating, drinking, spitting, squatting and sitting inside the coaches will be penalized. Passengers are requested not to put their feet on the seats. Please cooperate with us and help us to keep our trains and premises clean.


Metro Trains


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