Hyderabad Metro Station will have a three-tier infrastructure – Street level, Concourse level and Platform level.

Station Address :

Rd Number 36, Aditya Enclave,
Venkatagiri, Madhapur,
Hyderabad, Telangana – 500033

This is the first level where passengers may park their vehicles and view the local area map. Please ensure that you place your feet firmly on the escalator while stepping on it. Please do not manually climb the stairs while the escalator is operational to avoid accidents. Keep to your left and hold the hand-rail firmly to maintain balance. In case you are not comfortable using the escalator, you may use staircase. If you are travelling with children, please hold their hands when using the escalator.

Parking Details

  • 2 & 4 Wheeler Paid Parking – Entry Gate C

Network Map

Parking Tarriff Details

(as on December 2021)

ParkHyderabad App based booking
Charges applicable 2 Wheelers 4 Wheelers
Minimum 2 hrs booking Rs. 4 / hr Rs. 12 / hr
Operator Booking @ Parking Slot
Charges applicable 2 Wheelers 4 Wheelers
0 hr to 3 hrs Rs. 15/- Rs. 45/-
Above 3 hrs Rs. 25/- Rs. 75/-
Monthly pass Rs. 525/- Rs. 1450/-


  • For monthly pass @ Rs 50/- extra towards card charges.

Next, the passengers will move into the Concourse level where it is segregated by the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates into non-paid and paid sections. AFC gates allow easy wheelchair access too. Wheelchairs will be available in all Metro stations.

You can buy tokens and smart cards for travelling at the ticketing office or at Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs). Retail outlets and other facilities like washrooms, ATMs, first aid, etc., will be available in this area.

For a seamless travel experience, we recommend passengers to travel using a smart card that can be purchased online using TSavaari App or from the ticketing office at any of our stations. Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) in non- paid area and Automatic Vending Machines (AVMs) in the paid area may be used to add money to your smart card. Audio instructions will guide you about the smart card top up process.

It is our aim to provide a comfortable journey to our passengers. Our stations are well equipped with information and signage to guide you in and out of the Metro station. Tactile floor signage will assist visually impaired passengers to navigate through the station. Information about the train network, station facilities, passenger do’s and don’ts, entry and exit signage and local area maps are available at all Metro stations.

This is where passengers board the train. We have designed the platforms to facilitate differently-abled and elderly passengers so that they may on-board and off-board the train with ease. Passenger information display boards at the concourse and platform level provide real time information to passengers. Audio announcements inform passengers about train arrivals and delays or disruptions in the train network.

We have four Help-Points at all Metro platforms which enable passengers to contact the Station Controller in case of an emergency. The Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) signage will assist passengers during an emergency. Please contact our station staff for any assistance.

Metro train platforms are designed keeping in mind the safety and security of our passengers. A yellow line on the floor of the platform will alert you to maintain a safe gap from train tracks, when the train has not arrived at the platform. Passengers are requested to form a queue and let the passengers inside the train off board before onboarding the train.